We had the privilege, these 22 years, to work with well known International Companies, mostly into Network Infrastructure. But it’s the simple persons that make the difference. I decided to copy five endorsements I received unexpectedly on the BranchOut network:

1. “Alexandros is someone you can always trust. Great values, gets the job done, highly recommended!” - A.Exarchou (Cert plus IT)

2. “Alexandros gives an A+ performance. Focused, driven, and constantly getting the job done.” - Effie Tsironi (AG Financial Network LTD)

3. “SpeedyDev created an amazing web site in just two weeks! Additionally they organised all our downloadable technical documents which enhanced user experience!” - Christos Manthos (Drioxil Wooden floors & stairs)

4. “Thank you for creating an amazing site for our Financial Support 4 Students Organization” - David Martin (fs4s.org)

5. “Speed was essential when we decided to launch our web site. Alexandros managed to deliver our iPhone brokerage application well before our deadline and in short notice! Thank you for your support, you are always #1 in my list”. Alexandros Gouveris, EMEA - telekursid.com

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