1.   Stand out from the crowd. SpeedyDev provides outstanding solutions since 2005 to a diverse set of clients. 
2.   Availability and reliability. All in one, wizard based packages suffer from slow speeds or fail to load properly.
3.   Consistency. A professionaly designed website doesn't require "experimenting" with templates and constant website changes.
4.   Hacking. Low cost hosts sacrifice on security and may rely on older and vulnerable software.
5.   Security updates. A proper implementation offers the option for automatic security patches and updates.
6.   Success. A professional website is designed to convert user visits to action. A stylish contact form, useful and up-to-date context can result to higher conversion rates.
7 .  Copy-writing. Users prefer to read short and interesting articles and to easily trace needed information.
8.   Instant quotation. It's important to highlight offers, available discounts and promote voucher offers, in order to convert a visit to an actual sale.
9.   Social Network Integration built to maximise on-line revenue. SEO provided by Google AdWords Certified Professionals. 
10. Cost. Wizard based solutions are usually discounted for the first year and may include hidden charges.

This is the best time to get a quote for a professional website designed and developed for Return on Investment. You would be surprised how much you are going to benefit over the years!

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