4 areas you have to examine before starting with social media

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Starting using social media for business networking, it is a big decision for someone to take. You know it from first-hand experience. But now you are ready to take the big step. You know everything you need to know from a technical point of view. You have also talked to some nice guys that do social media management, and you are sure that they can help you if you do not have the time to do it yourself, or if you need any advice.

Ready to jump onboard?

My personal experience says you are not ready. Not until you examine thoroughly those 4 areas that I explain to you below. As I have said in the previous post, social media success depends on trust. If you fail in any of those areas, you fail in trust also, and so you are not going to build a strong web presence. #buildastrongwebpresence

Please take all the time you need to examine the following areas.

1) Is your business mission statement absolute clear? This is the first area you must examine. Even if you have clients that bring revenue to your company, and your company can manage, it is crucial to re-examine your business mission statement to see if it is completely clear to a stranger. You have a very short period of time, maybe one second in certain media, to get the attention of a stranger and communicate your message. If they do not understand immediately how you can help them, they shall go to the next one. Also, being specific and clear, helps search engines and social media software to find you, in case someone searches for a company like yours. But most important, clarifying your business mission statement, helps you to define your target group and look for them in the social media world.

Unless the perfect match is made, trust cannot be build and without trust you cannot go a lot further.

2) Are you ready to socialize? You must cultivate an appetite for meeting people, even though you shall meet them through social media in the beginning. You must love to talk about your company, and how you can help people solve their specific problem that your company specializes. In most cases, you must do the first move, and start a conversation, that gives value to your prospect and not necessarily concerning your job. You must show concern and interest in them, build a bridge for communication and then present yourself and your company. Of course, if you understand that they have a problem your company can solve, you must offer advice and help.

If you just post, without taking part in any conversation, the trust in your web presence will be undermined, believing it is just an advertising campaign, and not a human being willing to communicate.

3) Define your actions, and get prepared. Get a daily plan (and stick to it), on what you are going to post every day (this is your content), where you are going to post it (the social media you are going to use, twitter, facebook, google+, LinkedIn etc, etc), and how you are going to state it (use proper language and learn how to write for each medium). Remember, trust is built on your actions, day after day, and not by other people reactions. You cannot please everyone, so do not get nervous if you receive some negative feedback, however always invite constructive criticism.

If you trust your company (because you are very well prepared), you will not get worried by negativity, and your potential customers will also trust you.

4) Build your patience before starting using social media. Because the success will not come overnight. (If it comes, good for you, but usually it does not). You have to present your business over and over again for to be heard, be recognised as unique, and start having results. If you get discouraged and stop using social media, your potential customers will get the message that your company does not worth it. (Because even if you do not get feedback, now many know you exist.) If you start again, they will think you are not trustworthy and you have not decided what you want. So trust is failed to build.

Examining those four areas

  • Is your business mission statement absolute clear?
  • Are you ready to socialize?
  • Define your actions, and get prepared.
  • Build your patience.

before starting with social media, will place you in a better position than many of your competitors, and save you time on building trust.

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