Web Development

SpeedyDev helps small and medium size businesses to build a strong web presence, set apart from the competition, lower their costs and increase their customer flow.

Exceptional Services

  • We help our clients to upgrade their static website, add more functionality, increase their page rank and customer flow. Additionally, with our Social Media Management service we listen for key-phrases and engage with your potential clients. 
    Our goal is to help you build a strong web presence or start selling on-line. We guarantee that you will get the highest value for your investment or you will refund your payment.
  • Our in-house experts provide all the required infrastructure and solutions so that owners can create awareness for their business, improve customer satisfaction, save money, increase sales leads, engage with users and transform their websites so that they can achieve a higher customer flow.
  • During the last ten years we had the privilege to work with a diverse set of clients, from accountants, recruitment agents, real estate agents to pub owners; and this exactly what makes us going and being proud of our work.
  • Recently one of my clients, a Home Care Recruitment Agency in London, asked to automate their recruitment process. As a result of our efforts my client in now able to manage their business on-line, track all processes and effectively reply to client requests. 
    For their website, we decided to present and share the experience of the home care personnel, by adding their profiles and sharing their stories. My client increased their conversion rate from 50% to 75% in just six months.


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