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For any Recruitment Agency a #strong #web #presence is critical in order to maintain and increase customer inquiries and improve customer satisfaction.

Simplify Daily tasks and save £££

  1. Simplicity, Flexibility and Great Features

    With our modern Recruitment Web Solution you can automate many daily processes and save money. By relying to a simple and powerful interface you can easily create job posts, select an existing application form, modify it and decide on the required features. 
  2. Assign tasks and track progress.

    A unique Request Tracker will assist you on your workflow processes so that you can manage all processes, prioritise tasks and empower your employees to work on clear and meaningful tasks rather than having to go through hundreds of applications without a clear workflow. 

  3. Gorgeous look and clear layout

    The website should come with nice and clean layout that can be easy customized. Users can search by sectors, featured entries or by keywords and they can change their search criteria on the fly.

  4. SEO friendly and Rich Snippets integration

    We have put in great effort to ensure that our extension is maximum Search Engine Friendly. Listing titles are optimized, all URL links are SEO friendly. We have made sure all pages will be correctly indexed by search engines. Additionally each listing has its own SEO settings to adjust. Rich Snippets the few lines of text that appear under every search result are designed to give users a sense for what's on the page and why it's relevant to their query.

rich snippets

Exclusive Benefits

  • Easy Job Management: You can manage all jobs and track activity within the dashboard
  • Agents Management - You can have multiple agents in various location with central management
  • You can organize jobs to logical categories/ sectors and simplify searching
  • You can track all activity including job applications
  • You can use newsletters and email campaigns
  • You can add a chat option for immediate respond
  • You can set-up job alerts and notifications
  • You can position your website under the new top level domain .CAREER


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