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Social Media Management is a key component for a successful networking, in any contemporary company. The rapid growth of social media platforms gives us the ability to create opportunities for networking that were not previously available.

What is a "networking opportunity"?

It is any chance we have to "listen" to our costumers, engage with them where the conversation really happens, and share our message in real time.

Social media is a way to connect on a different level with your customers. Use social media wisely, to create that personal connection with people and form relationships with your prospects. Because relationships are super important and can be your competitive advantage. Use the social media channels in a genuine way, and reveal a little more about your company, your brand, and yourself.

The role of a social media manager is to help you form and implement a wise and genuine way of using your social media in benefit of your prospects.

It is people who have received an answer to their problems, through social media communication with your company, that turn into customers and bring profit to your business.

How to start with social media? or how not to start with social media

Social media is not an advertisement channel. It is a mistake to use it for marketing purposes only, and get into the area of social media with having advertisement and promotion in mind.

Social media is a two-way conversation that starts with listening and helping.

Help people with what you do best, and with your knowledge in the area that your company belongs. With helping others, you shall build trust. As Amy Jo Martin, writes in her book Renegades Write the Rules:

We all want to be seen and heard by others. We want to be valued for what we can offer others. We all want to belong to a community of others who value what we value – who are, in some important way, like us. What happens when a brand fulfils these wants? People stick around for more.

Once you've built trust, you earn the right to use social media for the purpose of marketing. However, trust is the "promotional material". If you gain your followers trust, no extra promotion is usually needed because good news between happy "followers" spread easily in social media!

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