E-commerce websites can boost the sales of any company, regardless of its size or the kind of products/services.

Creating an e-commerce website is NOT though a simple and straightforward decision. As when you create a new business planning is essential, the same applies when designing and building an e-commerce website, since this is your business on the internet.

Where to start from?

Create a new business plan specifically designed for your e-commerce business. What are your goals? Which is your budget? How you can set-up measurable tasks? Who is going to handle the tasks? Working with an IT consultant can answer most of your initial questions and drive you to the correct direction.

SpeedyDev provides a reliable and user-friendly shop engine with more than 60 payment gateways – unlimited products – strong security and automatic TAX for 90% of countries. We are the first e-shop developers to support new EU VAT law for digital products/services. We provide an exclusive guarantee that a) you will be ready to sell in less than 48hours b) our solution will meet your needs 100%

Design a Site That's Easy to Navigate

Oftentimes, the most effective websites are also the simplest in design and the easiest to navigate, so don't assume that you need to have your website designer create an elaborate site to increase hits. In fact, when it comes to an e-commerce site, the easier it is to navigate and find what you're looking for, the more likely it'll be that you'll generate more sales.

Provide Online Support

Online chat capabilities and reliable customer service via email and by phone are necessary to efficiently answer customer questions and encourage them to use your site for a current need and future purchases. If your customer service isn't responsive or helpful enough, customers are more likely to search for what they need elsewhere.

Support mobile sales

35% of total web sales are via a mobile device. People are depending on tablets and smartphone more and more, also mobile websites are easier to use and browse by utilising touch screen navigation.

Use a trusted engine

The biggest failure is when the e-commerce engine cannot handle the requests or fails to display products properly. Can you display relevant products? Can you create variants (colors, sizes, fabrics) for your items? Do you allow comments and reviews?

Exclusive Guarantee

Because we rely in one of the most trusted e-shop engines, we can guarantee that you will be ready to sell in less than 24 hours or you get £250 cash back. Additionally, with our 30 days money back insurance we promise that our e-commerce solution will meet your needs 100%.

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