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The Key to Success Starts With Listening. Our team listens your needs and requirements then helps you discover  techniques to accelerate your business in Social Media platforms.

If you fail to find an effective way to generate sales needs and interact with your prospects we offer media promotion exclusively designed for you. Media4you.Social (launching soon) is a clean platform allowing our clients to build their strategy and gain results in a flash. 

Be Consistent

We assist our clients to build a consistent social media presence and create sassy posts users would love to share. Spiced with lovely photos, videos and content from your website.


Build Prospect Lists

Remember last time you bought a data list? Most information was irrelevant to you audience. With our unique tools we assist our clients to target their audience with a wide variety of criteria. Always in the location you want and only users that are actively engaged to social media.

Become an Expert

Users love to read short news answering their common queries. Our team of experts will help you to share your expertise and become an authority to your business field. This way users will keep returning and eventually inquiry about your service.


Be mobile

We all use Facebook (TM), Twitter (TM) and LinkedIn in our tablets and mobiles. Can you really afford NOT to be present? Mobile users are far more likely yo react to an inspiring post, share it, comment or bookmark your website!

social media

In SpeedyDev we have the expertise to GROW your Social Media presence and assist you targeting YOUR audience.
  • Set apart from the crowd with effective social media profiles
  • Profile new social media accounts matching your goals and objectives
  • Listen to threads and engage with potential customers
  • Engage with your audience in a consistent approach
  • Grow your Social Media followers and create sales lists tailored to your business
  • Share your expertise and become an authority in your area

4 areas you have to examine before starting with social media

master social media

Starting using social media for business networking, it is a big decision for someone to take. You know it from first-hand experience. But now you are ready to take the big step. You know everything you need to know from a technical point of view. You have also talked to some nice guys that do social media management, and you are sure that they can help you if you do not have the time to do it yourself, or if you need any advice.


Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". (wikipedia)

I first joined twitter in April 2010, just to follow my favourite pop artist. Do not laugh, this is the case! I did not use the platform a lot, because I could not get it, and it is about a year now, that I decided to use twitter for my job, also I opened a company account, and 2 more accounts related to different projects. Using it, I loved the medium, and now I am here to help other people get the most of it.

I would like to emphasize the 3 main points that differentiate twitter from other network platforms.

  • What I like most in using twitter, it is that all posts are public and can be seen by anyone, even if someone has not a twitter account. Having in mind that what I post has the potentiality of reaching anyone, gives me strength and courage, because my voice as a user can be heard to a massive audience. Each tweet has a unique URL and looks like this It is searchable by search engines, so whatever you share, can be found. These days, many twitter users, especially those who belong to marketing area, make quite a lot posts per day, usually passing links to their blog posts, because of Google's new algorithm that takes into consideration the strong presence in social media.
  • Another strong point of twitter, which is the consequence of the posts being public, it is that someone can follow the accounts of interest, without waiting for approval from the other account. Friendship can be one way, and those who are followed can be totally different people from those who follow. Here I would suggest that someone would follow only the accounts of interest, in order to benefit from a rich in information home page. Following irrelevant accounts gives a poor experience, although there is the choice of "muting" their posts, so they do not appear in the user's home page.

    Nowadays, there is the tendency to follow an account, just to follow them back, in order to gain a lot of followers. Since 1 in 3 someone follows, they will follow back, following is a way of gaining followers. However, if someone does not follow back, or unfollow them, they unfollow also.

Social media Keyboard

Social Media Management is a key component for a successful networking, in any contemporary company. The rapid growth of social media platforms gives us the ability to create opportunities for networking that were not previously available.

What is a "networking opportunity"?

It is any chance we have to "listen" to our costumers, engage with them where the conversation really happens, and share our message in real time.

Social media is a way to connect on a different level with your customers. Use social media wisely, to create that personal connection with people and form relationships with your prospects. Because relationships are super important and can be your competitive advantage. Use the social media channels in a genuine way, and reveal a little more about your company, your brand, and yourself.

The role of a social media manager is to help you form and implement a wise and genuine way of using your social media in benefit of your prospects.

It is people who have received an answer to their problems, through social media communication with your company, that turn into customers and bring profit to your business.

How to start with social media? or how not to start with social media

Social media is not an advertisement channel. It is a mistake to use it for marketing purposes only, and get into the area of social media with having advertisement and promotion in mind.

Social media is a two-way conversation that starts with listening and helping.

Help people with what you do best, and with your knowledge in the area that your company belongs. With helping others, you shall build trust. As Amy Jo Martin, writes in her book Renegades Write the Rules:

We all want to be seen and heard by others. We want to be valued for what we can offer others. We all want to belong to a community of others who value what we value – who are, in some important way, like us. What happens when a brand fulfils these wants? People stick around for more.

Once you've built trust, you earn the right to use social media for the purpose of marketing. However, trust is the "promotional material". If you gain your followers trust, no extra promotion is usually needed because good news between happy "followers" spread easily in social media!

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