build a strong web presence

You have one! Your website. The question is on the second part... How to make it effective?

Now, more than ever before, quality and relevant content is king.

Content needs around 75% of your effort when putting your website together. Remember your content form the foundation of your web presence. So it needs to be right.

We can think of content in terms of two things:

  1. Key-phrases
  2. Content (actual literature inside pages)

Start by discovering a theme for your business, a "headline key-phrase", most likely describing your niche, what makes you different. The new thinking is that this headline phrase becomes the topic around which your website revolves. Make sure that every article/page remains in topic! TIP: use the free keywords tool from Google adwords and select a key-phrase with Medium competition!

Keywords are not that important; focus creating an outstanding meta-description for each web page. This is what appears in Google results to your potential visitors.

Make it interesting! Type your description in such a way that users would click, e.g. Based in Bradford? We can help you saving lots on your Home Insurance, read testimonials and ask existing clients how... Don't say the whole story! Leave something for users to click and discover!

OK. You got your headline key-phrase, now what?

Stand out

Create 20 associated on-topic key-phrases!

This is the hardest part! The idea is for you to become an expert, an authority around your key-phrase. The easiest way is to share your experience and genuinely assist users; educate them in regards to your key-phrase. Make sure to add references; you may need time to read or search the internet on their behalf.

Re-phrase! Their are many ways users may search to find something. Talk to friends, ask in LinkedIn, figure different ways to say the same thing. E.g. How to get the best Home Insurance quote, Home insurance agents near Bradford, Flood Insurance cover, which home insurance gives me an instant cover... etc.

Add your Social media feeds!

It takes 15-30 minutes a day to be active in Social Media. Again bring VALUE to your audience! Help them to learn something NEW! Link to your website and display your feed inside your website as well!

TIP: The worst ever you can do is to add a feed, not update it and a blank page to appear inside your website!

Talk to a PR person to share your story in local press/media! Most local press/media are desperately looking for interesting local stories. People are mostly interested to learn about their area, rather than general news.

Your Baby Steps:

  1. Get in touch with a Copywriter to assist you creating great content.
  2. Get in touch with a PR person to be discovered in Local Media or just give a call to your local paper.
  3. "Hire" a Social Media Manager, you can get amazing discounts and budget packages. They are experts and have the appropriate tools!
  4. LISTEN! People are looking for services and solutions to problems. Do you know that you can use Social Media to LISTEN to common frustrations?
  5. Get FREE support and advice! Remember, the key to success is to share our expertise and knowledge. Almost all the professionals are ready to "give-away" some courtesy services to welcome you aboard. Test and see what it works for you!

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Get in touch today to learn more, on how I can assist you creating a website achieving 24-7 customer flow!

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