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SpeedyDev develops effective websites that strengthen your business performance. We help small and mid-sized companies to #Buildastrongwebpresence twitter icon and set apart from the competition.  Our in-house team has the experience and knowledge you need to help you through the process. From registering a new domain name and building a website to running an e-commerce business, email marketing or understanding Twitter; we are ready to help you through the web.

We would be delighted to discuss with you the various options we can offer to help you generate more sales leads by improving your website.

Can't find an effective way to generate sales leads? We listened!  media4you.social is designed to accelerate your business in Social Media platforms (launching soon).

Exceptional Website Solutions

  • I want my website to achieve 24/7 customer flow 
    If you don't know where to begin or are worried about paying too much, we can help. Our free consultation service will help you discover exactly what your business needs. Be confident that you will a) understand your own requirements and b) not pay for something you don't need.
  • I require a trusted e-Commerce Solution.
    Reliable and user-friendly shop engine with more than 100 payment gateways – unlimited products – strong  security and automatic TAX for 90% of countries. The first e-shop engine to support new EU VAT law for digital products/services.
    Exclusive guarantee that a) you will be ready to sell in less than 24hours b) our solution will meet your needs 100%  
    Read our know-how guide and learn more.
  • I need a Content Management System
    We support Joomla Content Management Engine, so you wouldn't worry about updating your website. Why not subscribing to our (free) email updating service to post your latest news using your email client? Simply open the email in your tablet or i-phone, fill out the email form, and click "submit". Please contact our expert team to learn more. 
  • I am looking for a Custom Website Solution
    SpeedyDev builds custom web sites which will enhance your business performance by showcasing your product or service to existing and new customers. 
  • I want online support, but I prefer in-house training
    We provide instant online support with an awarded support ticket system. Where do we teach you? Wherever you are in the UK we will come to you.
  • I want to Master my Social Media
    If your customers are using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook use our know-how to grab the opportunity to interact with them.
  • I don't see myself in your bespoke solutions list. Can you still help me?
    Our Web Consultants can work with you, free and with no obligation, to build your requirements list, set-up your goals and create your action plan.

Latest Projects

Sunbridge Road Mission

Creating a website for any church is challenging. Our goal is to highlight and share Agape in action, which is what we need to focus beyond disputes or anything.

Goldsmith Personnel

Developing a modern recruitment portal, providing Personalised Home Care to Greatest London Area.

Alexandre Christie High Quality Watches

Alexandre Christie passionate watch design with a legacy of more than half a century.


globe.estate is our latest project, a modern Real Estate portal allowing users to search properties in Cyprus, Romania and Dubai.


Proud to develop a Photo Sharing Portal, allowing users to Browse, Upload, Manage, Share and Download Photos. 

Global Recruitment

What should we expect from a Recruitment website? Simplicity, Flexibility, Great Features and High value for money!


Designing a "PUB" website with photo galleries, news & events, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ Social Section


Delivering a corporate website for Moving & Handling Specialists Direct with backend online management system.

"Speed was essential when we decided to launch our web site. Alexandros managed to deliver our brokerage application well before our deadline! Thank you for your support, you are always #1 in my list". A Gouveris, telekursid.com EMEA

Best Website Analysis

Real Estate Website

For any Real Estate Business, a #strong #web #presence is essential, even critical in order to maintain and increase customer inquiries and improve customer satisfaction. 

See How | Demo Site

Recruitment Agency Website

Keep ahead of the competition! Our Recruitment website solution automates many daily tasks so that you can save £££.

See How | Demo Site

E-commerce Website

SpeedyDev provides a reliable and user-friendly shop engine with more than 100 payment gateways. Designed for SMALL businesses you can start selling in less than 24 hours, guaranteed.

Learn more

Restaurant on-line orders Website

A Feast for your customers' eyes! An equal proportion of style, functionality, responsiveness and speed is the recipe behind the most pleasing look of the Restaurant on-line orders Website.

See How | Demo Site

Our Guarantee

Personalised approach

*we do NOT provide copycat solutions from a box of templates; you deserve much more

30 Days Money Back

*if not 100% satisfied

Top 30 Google Page Rank

*for our managed solutions
 One month free Google promotion  if we
 do not achieve top 30 within 4 months.

180 Social Media Updates

*Minimum of 180 monthly updates
 or we will provide an extra month free

Brochure site in less than 48h

*Three page Brochure site in 48h
 or you get it free

Please read our Terms to learn more.

Free Consultation

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